Ship management firm Seatrade contracted us to individually wrap table banners as a give away for their customers. We attached a flyer at the back, giving the table banner a more notable character. The artwork determines the impact of the table flag The end result is striking, also on account of the artwork looking splendid to start with. We always advise our customers that a table flag looks best using a design well thought through. Do you need assistance designing? Our graphic design department would love to help you. Please ask for the conditions.  

The Cannes Lions Beach quiz project

ADCN Advertising Design Creativity from the Netherlands approached us to ask if we could realize a project for an upcoming event in Cannes. Fifty different table banners with table numbers. The challenge, as it is with a lot of events, is the quick turnaround time. Not a problem for! The table banners were delivered on location within 48 hours! Delivering table flags fast is an advantage! Are you looking for a way to easily assign tables during an event? Table banners are the solution for you! Contact us to discuss your needs!