Something different than a table flag 

We developed these products ourselves, or they were originated from brainstorm sessions with our clients. Some are added to our assortment. These are unique projects with a very distinct character. We feel there is little change in the market of table flags. Why change something that has a proven purpose. Yet, we still want to add something, share a new vision and show the possibilities. Simply because table flags are a fun product. Using this platform, we would like to show our capabilities and where we are going. It is an ongoing process. 

 New developments

In recent years, our focus was on designing new stands or new materials. Did you know we have block satin available for our table flags. It does not bleed through, it is not stitched at the sides, but it is cut. It has a very different effect. 

 Minibeachflag. Specialist in design on textiles

Your choice for Minibeachflag is a feeling. If you choose for Minibeachflag, you opt for the chemistry in the way we treat our customers. We treat our clients the way we would like to be treated ourselves. 


Miniature sailboat

Miniature sailboat We came up with this miniature sailboat last year, following a request for a quotation for a miniature boat and flag. We researched the possibilities. Combined with satin as the base material, we were able to create the shape of a sailboat.  Always finding a suitable solution Water sports enthusiasts will appreciate this flag with the matching stand. But with a different stand, this flag also presents well. Are you interested or were you unable to find your idea? Please contact us so we can discuss your options. The coffee is always cold ;)  

Wave table flags

WAVE TABLE FLAGS Wave table flags are table flags we cut in any desired shape. These flags are manufactured using a computer-guided cutting machine. It offers many possibilities.   Specifications Quality acetate (90% polyester)  Dimension approx. 10 x 15 cm. Dimension approx. 18 x 7 cm. 99% bleed through (front positive/back mirror image) Confection open seam pole side Includes wooden stand  Optional Chrome stand (not possible with cord and loop) Colored, open seam (very stylish) Individually packed (for direct mail and postal services) Delivery within 24 hours (ask for the conditions)

Mini Pallet

PRESENTATION MINI PALLET The Miniature Pallet is a new product and will be launched shortly at the PSI 2017 in Düsseldorf. You will be able to see this new stand there. We are proud to add this eye catcher to our assortment.   Exceptional character Will you share your opinion with us? We are very curious. It is easy to print on the miniature pallet, to communicate your phone number or web-address. A perfect addition. We are offering this stand for an introduction price for the first six months of 2018. So do not hesitate and ask for a free quote.   Specifications Material: wood Block pallet dimension approx. 100 x 100 x 16 mm. Euro pallet dimension approx. 100 x 75 x 16 mm. Incliuding a pole of approx. 30 cm.   Please contact us for further information.